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           MVF Grandeur 04G
    Arsha Lava 104L
           Blon Dell 103B
Arhsa's Polled Trooper 67T
           Canadian Gold Polled Dandy
    Arsha Lateefah 67L
           Arsha Jodie 19J

Arsha's Polled Trooper 67T

Birth Date: February 4, 2007

R17922(P)- 129N  

When visiting Art & Sharon in 2006 Dennis begged to buy Lava but Art wasn't going to let him go and for good reason.  So the summer of 2008 when we went out again, Den was coming home with a Lava boy!  And a oh boy did he!  Trooper has the look and muscle every good herd needs.  We're very excited about the opportunities and future with Our Trooper.‍‍‍


Any Excellent Bull and Pet. Rest in Peace Tropper You were One of Kind


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