This is our first herd and we are very impressed with the Blonde's ease and docility. These girls are excellent to work with easy to breed and check, and great with the patience when we are working with their calves. Our Blondes are mainly polled, some with Corby, William, Pop and Blue Jay influence. We emphasize calving ease with our herd and ensure the first time calvers have little problems. By mid-summer, we have calves close to the size of their mothers resulting in a 5.14 lbs/day gain.
Please take a look at our herd and offerings for sale. Give us a call if you wish for a viewing or have any questions.

                                       To Blonde Bulls                   


Heartwood's Lorelei

Lorelei was purchases at the 2004 Cream of the Crop Sale. From the picture in the sale catalogue and once we seen her at the sale we knew she would be an asset to our program. As her previous owner said (Matt Unger) She is from the heart of his program.   

EPD's -  WG -2.6, Milk 12.0, YG +12.0

Heartwood's Pierre
DeeBran Eldyn
(Bull Jan 15/06) Corby
DeeBran Francine (Heifer Feb 4/07) William
DeeBran Gabrielle (Bull Feb 7/08) Rex
DeeBran Hummer (Bull Feb 14/09) William
DeeBran PLD Introduction(BullFeb 1/10)Trooper
DeeBran PLD Jeremiah (Bull Feb 1/11) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Zorro (Bull Feb 7/12) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Addiction (Bull Feb 19/13) Trooper
DeeBran PLD BamBam (Bull Feb 17/14) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Champayne (Heifer Jan 29/15) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Dasan (Bull April 8/16) Trooper
            Hanover Special 25D 
     Maple Valley Sir Eminent 28G
            Double JM Bambi 47B
Heartwood's Lorelei
            IMP Ravensworth Ulan 3209R 
     MAU Aurora 1A
            Wildwood Ginny 16U

DeeBran Francine 13T
She is the first we have kept off of Lorelei and we are outstandingly happy with our choice.  Francine is what everyone wants in a blonde cow.  Her disposition is excellent.  During the IPM in 2008 she lay by the opened gate and let anyone of any age pet her.  What a suck!
DeeBran Hailie
(Heifer Apr 1/09) Frontier
DeeBran PLD Josephine (Heifer Feb 28/11) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Zeus (Bull Jan 23/12) Trooper
Deebran PLD Axel (Bull Jan 28/13) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Banker (Bull Mar 1/14) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Chloe (Heifer Jan 22/15) Trooper
DeeBran Devon (Bull Jan 16/16) Pop
            WSS Rex 6R
    Roseneath William 4W 
            Roseneath Roberta
DeeBran Francine 13T
            Maple Valley Sir Eminent
    Heartwoods Lorelei 6L
            Mau Aurora 1A

DeeBran Dee-Dee

She's a Fashion daughter we just had to keep.  Showing a solid frame like her mother and able to produce a wonderful blonde calf in her first year.  She will be producing some strong calves during her lifetime.  Feebie has gone to Ferme Phanica Senc, St-Zotique, QC.  She was the one of the high selling bred heifers at the Blonde sale in 2008.  


DeeBran Feebie
(Heifer Mar 16/07) Blue Jay
DeeBran Generation (Bull Mar 1/07) William
DeeBran Heartland (Bull Mar 1/09) DeeBran Frontier
DeeBran Pld Ivette (Heifer Feb 26/10) Trooper
DeeBran Pld Jail Breaker (Bull Feb 8/11)Trooper
DeeBran PLD Zola (Heifer Jan 20/12) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Adele (Heifer Feb 7/13) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Bravo (Bull Feb 12/14) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Cher (Heifer Jan 19/15) Trooper
DeeBran Darius (Bull Feb 14/16) Ansley
            Hanover Special
     Cinlee Jambulya
            Spruce View Betsy
DeeBran DeeDee
            Brydowns Deano 124D
     Brydowns Fashion 181F
            Maple Brook 13W



DeeBran Faye

She is back with us and we are grateful.  Her Mother passed away this year so it makes Faye that more precious. Back to where she belongs.




DeeBran PLD Doobie (Bull Mar 15/16) Trooper
            WSS Mighty DIO
     JA Pop
            Poplar View Golden Banner
DeeBran DeeDee
            Brydowns Deano 124D
     Brydowns Fashion 181F
            Maple Brook 13W


Clare Ell Karina 11L
Believe it or not, she is 100% Blonde.
They tried to tell us it was because she was born in a lightening storm! We purchased Karina as a calf and have been very impressed with her.
DeeBran Barbie
DeeBran Crystal
DeeBran Diesel
DeeBran Espresso
(Bull Mar 1/06) Pop
DeeBran Flora (Heifer Apr 1/07) Danny
DeeBran Glaze (Heifer Apr 4/08) Danny
DeeBran Hassan (Bull Apr 10/09) Frontier
DeeBran I-Cute (Bull Apr 4/10) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Jack & Jill (Twins Feb 25/11) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Zarina (Heifer Feb 5/12) Trooper
Deebran PLD Adrenaline (Bull Feb 4/13) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Bubba (Bull Feb 23/14) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Chicago (Bull  Feb 10/15) Trooper
DeeBran Dazzled (Heifer Feb 14/16) Northern Justin
            Ashlar Captian 3C
     Clare Ell Mighty 24F
            Clare Ell Alanna 12D 
Clare Ell Karina 11L
            JA Blister 9W
     Clare Ell Twinkle 17A
            R Kaya Lucille 18N

Crystal Whitney 33W

Purchased from Crystal Farms in the fall 2010 sale we are looking forward to Whitney's offspring.  She is a very calm cow, easy to work with and has the build a Blonde animal should have.


DeeBran PLD J
ust in Time (Heifer Mar 22/11)Tuxedo
DeeBran PLD Zelda&Zula (Heifers Mar 26/12) DeeBran PLD Avril (Heifer Feb 23/13) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Behold (Heifer Feb 14/14) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Crystal (Heifer Feb 28/15) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Dodge (Bull Mar 2/16) Trooper
            WIW Mister Corby 
     DeeBran Eldyn 12S
            Heartwoods Lorelei 6L
Crystal Whitney 33W
            Fort Ellice Samarai 
     Harkdale Karazel 21K
            Harkdale royal Horizon


  DeeBran Polled Avril

Avril and Behold are full sisters and there are times they look like twins.  Therefore it doesn't matter the age Whitney's and Trooper's calves hold their own.


Progeny:               Arsha Lava 104L
     Arhsa's Polled Trooper 67T
            Arsha Lateefah 67L
DeeBran Polled Avril
            DeeBran Eldyn 12S 
     Crystal Whitney 33W
            Harkdale Karazel 21K


  DeeBran Polled Behold



DeeBran PLD Duramax
(Bull Feb14/16) Hummer
             Arsha Lava 104L
     Arhsa's Polled Trooper 67T
            Arsha Lateefah 67L
DeeBran Polled Behold
            DeeBran Eldyn 12S 
     Crystal Whitney 33W
            Harkdale Karazel 21K


Rheo Lady Luck 115L

Lades has produced awesome calves. Her first calf Branson, gained 5.14lbs/day at finishing time!  This one is Dennis' lady. Lady's done it again! Her last year's heifer had a rib eye of 13.8. Charlene was sold at the 2005 Blonde Harvest Sale in Listowel to Steve & Shirley Jackson, Spruce Vale Blondes of Westerose, AB.  2007 is no exception, she has raised a polled William bull who is working in a Blonde commercial herd in Lucknow, ON

EPD's - WG +7.0, Milk -6.0, YG +13.0

DeeBran Branson
DeeBran Charlene
DeeBran Daphne
DeeBran Emma
(Heifer Jan 29/06) Corby
DeeBran Frontier (Bull Feb 12/07) William
DeeBran Gavin (Bull Jan 23/08) Rex
DeeBran Hector (Bull Mar 1/08) Corby
DeeBran Pld Ina (heifer Feb 18/10) Nthn Justin
DeeBran Pld Jillian (Heifer Feb 4/11)Trooper
DeeBran PLD Kane (Bull Jan 10/12) Trooper
Deebran PLD Agent (Bull Jan 18/13) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Beth  (Heifer May 13/14) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Casper (Bull Mar 21/15) Trooper
            Liahn Poll Cat 31C 
     Triple C Warlord 62H
            Triple C Lorette 119E
Rheo Lady Luck 115L
            Triple C Herclues 296F 
     Triple C Leta 635H
            Triple C Leila 182E


DeeBran Desiree

Desiree is a new bloodline for DJ Farms.  She put it all into her 1st calf and never lost a beat.  Desiree is a worker and is will add greatness to our herd.


DeeBran Florence
(Heifer April 6/07) Danny
DeeBran Gee-Gee (Heifer May 4/08) Danny
DeeBran Havanna (Heifer Apr 5/09) Frontier
DeeBran Pld Isadora (Heifer Feb 15/10) Trooper
DeeBran Pld Jewels (Heifer Jan 31/11)Trooper
DeeBran PLD Katelyn (Heifer Jan 10/12) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Aria (Heifer Feb 21/13) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Beyonce (Heifer Feb 21/14) Trooper
DeeBran PLD C (Heifer Feb 21/15) Trooper
DeeBran PLD Donnie (Bull Mar 15/16) Trooper
          Axion  (France)
     IMP Drop 13752X (France)
          Linda (France)
DeeBran Desiree  
           Zar Sir Barclay 60B
     Triple C Serenade 284F
          Triple C Sierra 399B


DeeBran Pld Jewels

Jewels is the first Trooper heifer we have kept in the herd.  She shows her Gramma's depth from Triple C Serenade and her Daddy's disposition of calmness. 


DeeBran PLD Ava
(Heifer Mar 19/13) Danny
DeeBran PLD Bootlegger (Bull Feb 17/14) Kinsman
DeeBran PLD Copper (Heifer Mar 23/15) Kinsman
DeeBran PLD Davis (Bull Mar 17/16) Kinsman
         Arsha Lava 104L
     Arhsa's Polled Trooper 67T
          Arsha Lateefah 67L
DeeBran Pld Jewels 
            IMP Drop 13752X (France
     DeeBran Desiree
           Triple C Serenade 284F



Rupari Joiner d'Poll
Greg & Linden Roberts
Rupari Blondes, Australia
Arsha's Polled Trooper 67T

Birth Date: February 4, 2007 

R17922(P)- 129N  

When visiting Art & Sharon in 2006 Dennis begged to buy Lava but Art wasn't going to let him go and for good reason.  So the summer of 2008 when we went out again, Den was coming home with a Lava boy!  And a oh boy did he!  Trooper has the look and muscle every good herd needs.  We're very excited about the opportunities and future with Our Trooper.




2010 calf crop - *****ALL POLLED***
2011 calf crop - *****ALL POLLED***
2012 calf crop - *****ALL POLLED***
2013 calf crop - *****ALL POLLED***
2014 calf crop - *****ALL POLLED***
2015 calf crop - *****ALL POLLED***

2016 calf crop - *****ALL POLLED***
             MVF Grandeur 04G
     Arsha Lava 104L
            Blon Dell 103B
Arhsa's Polled Trooper 67T
            Canadian Gold Polled Dandy
     Arsha Lateefah 67L
            Arsha Jodie 19J   



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